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Network security Testing

100% Free, Safe and Secure Windows 10/11 Application
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Test your Windows PC and Network Security
Universally Test Anti-Malware, Network Protection & Firewall
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Download Now: Network Protection Tester – (Beta Release v1.2)
* There is a tiny chance you may get an AI auto detect malware warning when downloading or running this app. This is because it does download a list of sites to probe and there is no way around this alert because it needs to do this in order to perform the test.

The application works as intended but it is currently in beta while we get feedback from users and improve features. Although this is software is perfectly safe and virus free. We have a no-liability disclaimer currently.

Network Protection Test

IT Pro Expert has created a Windows 10/11 application that will probe a range of carefully selected Malware and Phishing addresses which we carefully select on a daily basis.
We created this application when we noticed that the majority of people are being infected via links either from a website or via email content. So blocking these links is as important, if not more important than having a good anti-malware solution.
A phishing check is also critical as you don’t need to be infected in order to accidently visit a rouge website or link that steals all your personal or financial data.
An ideal computer network security solution should have both local Anti-Malware and Network Protection.
If you have any security questions or concerns please send us an email and we will be happy to assist you.

Note: Results are saved to your C:\Temp folder.

Rank your Network Security

Network Security Testing

We came to the conclusion that the majority of the security tests available online where either extremely expensive or literally didn’t check the fundamentals of what we needed to protect the average user these days from Phishing/Malware websites.
Saying one anti-virus (anti-malware) or firewall solution is better or worse than another is one thing but in the real world we need to measure this by not only seeing how well it detects software that is downloaded but how well it protects the user from the websites that deliver these infections or use carefully crafted pages that steal information by tricking users into thinking they are on a legitimate website.

In the background our servers are busy on a daily basis sorting through tens of thousands of compromised malware and phishing domains/IPs/links that are gathered from around the world and then compiled into a carefully selected list.
So when you run this application, it will download the latest list from our servers (which are updated between 2 and 3am daily GMT) and then produce a percentage results of how well your system is blocking these malware and phishing domains.
Once again this process is passive, it will not download anything ominous – it merely probes each list item and your anti-malware or firewall or network protection should block this request which we detect and produce a final score for you.
Please note the results will appear in the application and save a copy to your C:\Temp folder.
You can run this test daily/weekly or monthly to make sure you have the best network protection for your home or business.

Note: This application is fully functional and working well. It is however still in beta while we gather feedback and increase the features available.

Example Results

If you are interested in talking to us about your network security – visit our contacts page and let us know what we can do for you.

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