Mobile Phone Password Unlocking

iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile Phones, Tablets, Samsung Password Unlocking and Data Recovery

Mobile Phone Unlocking

Mobile Phone Data Recovery from Locked Devices.
This service is only available on selected mobile phones.

Note: We only unlock files or devices that legally belong to you.

Mobile Password Recovery Services

We can remove PIN, Password, Pattern Locks from most manufacturers.

Forgotten codes, legal cases, forensic analysis, damaged phones or many other reasons.

Costs and times to remove codes depend on model and age of the device. Ranging from £500 upwards.

Our service make use of leading recovery solutions like “Cellebrite” password recovery systems.

Mobile Password Recovery

Mobile Data Recovery

Device List

ManufacturerProductOS TypeModel NumberChip
Alcatel1L 2021Android 7.x-12.xMediaTek Helio A20 MT6761D
Alcatel1s 2020Android 7.x-12.x5028Y / 5028D / 5028AMediaTek Helio A25 MT6762D
Alcatel1s 2021Android 7.x-12.x6025D / 6025HMediaTek Helio A25 MT6762D
Alcatel1V 2020Android 7.x-12.x5007UMediaTek Helio A25 MT6762D
Alcatel3L 2021Android 7.x-12.x6056H / 6056DMediaTek Helio A25 MT6762D
Alcatel5HAndroid 7.x-12.x6056AMediaTek Helio A25 MT6762D
Alcatel3L 2020Android 7.x-12.x5029DMediaTek Helio P22 MT6762
Alcatel3X 2020Android 7.x-12.x5061KMediaTek Helio P22 MT6762
Alcatel5VAndroid 7.x-12.xMediaTek Helio P22 MT6762
Alcatel5XAndroid 7.x-12.x5061AMediaTek Helio P22 MT6762
Alcatel1Android 7.x-12.x5033F / 5033D / 5033J / 5033X / 5033AMediaTek MT6739
Alcatel1X 2019Android 7.x-12.x5008D / 5008YMediaTek MT6739
Alcatel1XAndroid 7.x-12.x5059D / 5059J / 5059X / 5059Y / 5059A / 5059TMediaTek MT6739
Alcatel3Android 7.x-12.x5052D / 5052YMediaTek MT6739
Alcatel3LAndroid 7.x-12.x5034DMediaTek MT6739
Alcatel3x 2018Android 7.x-12.x5058A / 5058Y / 5058IMediaTek MT6739
AlcatelDive 73 / 3LAndroid 7.x-12.xMediaTek MT6739
AlcatelLX / TracFone LXAndroid 7.x-12.xMediaTek MT6739
AlcatelOnyxAndroid 7.x-12.x5008RMediaTek MT6739
AlcatelTetraAndroid 7.x-12.x5041CMediaTek MT6739
AppleiPhoneiOS 5.x-9.xiPhone 4SApple A5
AppleiPhoneiOS 6.x-10.xiPhone 5 GlobalApple A6
AppleiPhoneiOS 6.x-10.xiPhone 5 GSMApple A6
AppleiPhoneiOS 7.x-10.xiPhone 5C GlobalApple A6
AppleiPhoneiOS 7.x-10.xiPhone 5C GSMApple A6
AppleiPhoneiOS 8.x-15.xiPhone 6 (GSM/CDMA)Apple A8
AppleiPhoneiOS 8.x-15.xiPhone 6 Plus (GSM/CDMA)Apple A8
AppleiPhoneiOS 9.x-15.xiPhone 6S (GSM/CDMA)Apple A9
AppleiPhoneiOS 9.x-15.xiPhone 6S Plus (GSM/CDMA)Apple A9
AppleiPhoneiOS 9.x-15.xiPhone SE (GSM/CDMA)Apple A9
AppleiPhoneiOS 10.x-15.xiPhone 7 (Global)Apple A10
AppleiPhoneiOS 10.x-15.xiPhone 7 Plus (Global)Apple A10
AppleiPhoneiOS 10.x-15.xiPhone 7 (GSM)Apple A10
AppleiPhoneiOS 10.x-15.xiPhone 7 Plus (GSM)Apple A10
AppleiPadiOS 7.x-9.xiPad Mini 1st Gen (Wi-Fi Only)Apple A5
AppleiPadiOS 7.x-9.xiPad Mini 1st Gen (Wi-Fi/AT&T/GPS)Apple A5
AppleiPadiOS 7.x-9.xiPad Mini (Wi-Fi/VZ & Sprint/GPS)Apple A5
AppleiPadiOS 5.x-9.xiPad 2 (Wi-Fi Only) R2 2012Apple A5
AppleiPadiOS 5.x-9.xiPad 3rd Gen (Wi-Fi/Cellular AT&T/GPS)Apple A5X
AppleiPadiOS 5.x-9.xiPad 3rd Gen (Wi-Fi Only)Apple A5X
AppleiPadiOS 5.x-9.xiPad 3rd Gen (Wi-Fi/Cellular Verizon/GPS)Apple A5X
AppleiPadiOS 6.x-10.xiPad 4th Gen (Wi-Fi Only)Apple A6X
AppleiPadiOS 6.x-10.xiPad 4th Gen (Wi-Fi/AT&T/GPS)Apple A6X
AppleiPadiOS 6.x-10.xiPad 4th Gen (Wi-Fi/Verizon & Sprint/GPS)Apple A6X
AppleiPadiOS 9.x-15.xiPad Mini 4 (Wi-Fi Only)Apple A8
AppleiPadiOS 9.x-15.xiPad Mini 4 (Wi-Fi/Cellular)Apple A8
AppleiPadiOS 8.x-15.xiPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi Only)Apple A8X
AppleiPadiOS 8.x-15.xiPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi/Cellular)Apple A8X
AppleiPadiOS 10.x-15.xiPad 5th Gen (Wi-Fi Only)Apple A9
AppleiPadiOS 10.x-15.xiPad 5th Gen (Wi-Fi/Cellular)Apple A9
AppleiPadiOS 10.x-15.xiPad 6th Gen (Wi-Fi Only)Apple A10
AppleiPadiOS 10.x-15.xiPad 6th Gen (Wi-Fi/Cellular)Apple A10
AppleiPadiOS 10.x-15.xiPad 7th Gen (Wi-Fi Only)Apple A10
AppleiPadiOS 10.x-15.xiPad 7th Gen (Wi-Fi/Cellular)Apple A10
AppleiPadiOS 9.x-15.xiPad Pro 9.7″ (Wi-Fi Only)Apple A9X
AppleiPadiOS 9.x-15.xiPad Pro 9.7″ (Wi-Fi/Cellular)Apple A9X
AppleiPadiOS 9.x-15.xiPad Pro 12.9″ (1nd Gen, Wi-Fi Only)Apple A9X
AppleiPadiOS 9.x-15.xiPad Pro 12.9″ (1nd Gen, Wi-Fi/Cellular)Apple A9X
AppleiPadiOS 10.x-15.xiPad Pro 12.9″ (2nd Gen, Wi-Fi Only)Apple A10X
AppleiPadiOS 10.x-15.xiPad Pro 12.9″ (2nd Gen, Wi-Fi/Cellular)Apple A10X
AppleiPadiOS 10.x-15.xiPad Pro 10.5″ (Wi-Fi Only)Apple A10X
AppleiPadiOS 10.x-15.xiPad Pro 10.5″ (Wi-Fi/Cellular)Apple A10X
AppleiPodiOS 6.x-9.xiPod Touch 5th GenApple A5
AppleiPodiOS 8.x-12.xiPod Touch 6th GenApple A8
AppleiPodiOS 12.x-15.xiPod Touch 7th GenApple A10
BlackviewBV7000 ProAndroid 5.x-10.xBV7000 Pro 4G Dual Sim LTE-AMediaTek MT6750
BlackviewP2Android 5.x-10.xP2 Dual Sim LTE-AMediaTek MT6750
BlackviewS8Android 5.x-10.xS8 Dual SIM LTE-AMediaTek MT6750
BlackviewP2 LiteAndroid 5.x-10.xP2 Lite Dual Sim LTE-AMediaTek MT6753
BlackviewOmega ProAndroid 5.x-10.xOmega ProMediaTek MT6753
BlackviewR7Android 5.x-10.xR7 Dual SIM TD-LTEMediaTek MT6755
BlackviewBV6000Android 5.x-10.xBV6000 Dual SIM LTE-AMediaTek MT6755
DoogeeS6000Android 5.x-10.xS6000 Dual SIM LTEMediaTek MT6735
DoogeeX5 ProAndroid 5.x-10.xX5 Pro LTE Dual SIMMediaTek MT6735
DoogeeValencia 2 Y100 ProAndroid 5.x-10.xValencia 2 Y100 Pro Dual SIM LTEMediaTek MT6735
DoogeeTitans 3 T3Android 5.x-10.xTitans 3 T3MediaTek MT6735
DoogeeX5SAndroid 5.x-10.xX5SMediaTek MT6735
DoogeeValencia 2 Y100 PlusAndroid 5.x-10.xValencia 2 Y100 PlusMediaTek MT6735P
DoogeeY300Android 5.x-10.xY300MediaTek MT6735P
DoogeeY200Android 5.x-10.xY200MediaTek MT6735P
DoogeeS55Android 5.x-10.xS55 Dual SIM LTE EMEAMediaTek MT6750
DoogeeBL12000Android 5.x-10.xBL12000 Dual SIM LTE EMEAMediaTek MT6750
DoogeeY6Android 5.x-10.xY6MediaTek MT6750
DoogeeY6 MaxAndroid 5.x-10.xY6 MaxMediaTek MT6750T
DoogeeBL7000Android 5.x-10.xBL7000MediaTek MT6750T
DoogeeBL5000Android 5.x-10.xBL5000MediaTek MT6750T
DoogeeF5Android 5.x-10.xF5 Dual SIM LTEMediaTek MT6753
DoogeeF3 ProAndroid 5.x-10.xF3 Pro Dual SIM LTEMediaTek MT6753
DoogeeT6 ProAndroid 5.x-10.xT6 ProMediaTek MT6753
DoogeeF3Android 5.x-10.xF3MediaTek MT6753
DoogeeT5Android 5.x-10.xT5MediaTek MT6753
HuaweiEnjoy 10Android 8.x-10.xEnjoy 10 ART-AL00x / ART-TL00xHiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiEnjoy 10 PlusAndroid 8.x-10.xEnjoy 10 Plus STK-AL00 / STK-TL00HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiEnjoy 10eAndroid 8.x-11.xEnjoy 10e MED-AL00MediaTek MT6765
HuaweiEnjoy 10SAndroid 8.x-10.xEnjoy 10S AQM-AL00 / AQM-TL00HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiEnjoy 20 SEAndroid 8.x-10.xEnjoy 20 SE PPA-AL20HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710A
HuaweiEnjoy 8eAndroid 8.x-11.xEnjoy 8e DRA-AL00 / DRA-TL00MediaTek MT6739
HuaweiEnjoy 9eAndroid 8.x-11.xEnjoy 9e MRD-AL00 / MRD-TL00MediaTek MT6765
HuaweiEnjoy 9SAndroid 8.x-10.xEnjoy 9S POT-AL00a / POT-TL00aHiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiG10Android 8.x-10.xG10 RNE-AL00HiSilicon Honor Kirin 659
HuaweiHonor 10Android 8.x-10.xHonor 10 COL-AL00 / COL-AL10 / COL-L29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 970
HuaweiHonor 10 4G+Android 8.x-10.xHonor 10 4G+ COL-TL10HiSilicon Honor Kirin 970
HuaweiHonor 10 LiteAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 10 Lite HRY-AL00 / HRY-AL00 / HRY-TL00a / HRY-LX1 / HRY-LX2 / HRY-L22 / HRY-L21HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiHonor 10 YouthAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 10 Youth HRY-AL00a / HRY-TL00HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiHonor 10iAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 10i HRY-LX1THiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiHonor 10XAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 10X DNN-LX9 / DNN-L29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710A
HuaweiHonor 20Android 8.x-10.xHonor 20 YAL-AL00 / YAL-TL00 / YAL-L21HiSilicon Honor Kirin 980
HuaweiHonor 20 LiteAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 20 Lite HRY-AL00T / HRY-LX1T / HRY-L21THiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiHonor 20 ProAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 20 Pro YAL-AL10 / YAL-TL10 / YAL-L41HiSilicon Honor Kirin 980
HuaweiHonor 20 YouthAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 20 Youth LRA-AL00HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiHonor 20EAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 20E HRY-LX1THiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiHonor 20iAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 20i HRY-AL00THiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiHonor 20SAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 20S YAL-AL50 / YAL-TL50HiSilicon Honor Kirin 810
HuaweiHonor 30 5GAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 30 5G BMH-NX9 / BMH-N29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 985 5G
HuaweiHonor 30 5GAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 30 5G BMH-AN10 / BMH-AN20HiSilicon Honor Kirin 985 5G
HuaweiHonor 30 5GAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 30 5G BMH-AN10 / BMH-AN20HiSilicon Honor Kirin 985 5G
HuaweiHonor 30S 5GAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 30S 5G CDY-AN90HiSilicon Honor Kirin 820
HuaweiHonor 7SAndroid 8.x-11.xHonor 7S DUA-LX1 / DUA-L21 / DUA-LX3 / DUA-L23 / DUA-LX2 / DUA-L22MediaTek MT6739
HuaweiHonor 7XAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 7X BND-AL10 / BND-TL10 / BND-L21 / BND-L24HiSilicon Honor Kirin 659
HuaweiHonor 8 ProAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 8 Pro DUK-L09HiSilicon Honor Kirin 960
HuaweiHonor 8AAndroid 8.x-11.xHonor 8A JAT-L29 / JAT-LX9MediaTek MT6765
HuaweiHonor 8A ProAndroid 8.x-11.xHonor 8A Pro JAT-L41 / JAT-L21 / JAT-LX3 / JAT-L23 / JAT-L29MediaTek MT6765
HuaweiHonor 8S 2019 / 2020Android 8.x-11.xHonor 8S 2019 / 2020 KSA-LX9 / KSA-L29 / KSA-LX3 / KSA-L23 / KSA-LX2 / KSA-L22 / KSA-L09 / KSA-L03MediaTek MT6761
HuaweiHonor 8XAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 8X JSN-AL00 / JSN-TL00 / JSN-AL00a / JSN-L21 / JSN-L22 / JSN-L23 / JSN-L42 / JSN-LX2 / JSN-LX3HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiHonor 9Android 8.x-10.xHonor 9 STF-AL00 / STF-AL10 / STF-L09HiSilicon Honor Kirin 960 Hi3660
HuaweiHonor 9 LiteAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 9 Lite LLD-AL00 / LLD-AL10 / LLD-L22A / LLD-L31HiSilicon Honor Kirin 659 Hi6250
HuaweiHonor 9 YouthAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 9 Youth LLD-AL00 / LLD-AL10HiSilicon Honor Kirin 659 Hi6250
HuaweiHonor 9AAndroid 8.x-11.xHonor 9A MOA-LX9 / MOA-L29 / MOA-LX9N / MOA-L29NMediaTek MT6762
HuaweiHonor 9CAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 9C AKA-LX9 / AKA-L29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710A
HuaweiHonor 9SAndroid 8.x-11.xHonor 9S DUA-LX9 / DUA-L29MediaTek MT6762
HuaweiHonor 9XAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 9X APAC 128GB STK-LX2 / STK-L22HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiHonor 9XAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 9X CN 64GB / 128GB HLK-AL00HiSilicon Honor Kirin 810
HuaweiHonor 9XAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 9X EMEA 128GB HLK-L41 / HLK-LX1 / HLK-L21HiSilicon Honor Kirin 810
HuaweiHonor 9X LiteAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 9X Lite JSN-LX1 / JSN-L22HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiHonor 9X ProAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor 9X Pro HLK-AL10 / HLK-L42HiSilicon Honor Kirin 810
HuaweiHonor Magic 2Android 8.x-10.xHonor Magic 2 TNY-AL00 / TNY-TL00HiSilicon Honor Kirin 980
HuaweiHonor PlayAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor Play COR-AL00 / COR-AL10 / COR-L29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 970
HuaweiHonor Play 3Android 8.x-10.xHonor Play 3 ASK-AL00x / ASK-TL00xHiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiHonor Play 3eAndroid 8.x-11.xHonor Play 3e KSA-AL00 / KSA-TL00MediaTek MT6762
HuaweiHonor Play 4TAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor Play 4T AKA-AL10HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710A
HuaweiHonor Play 4T ProAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor Play 4T Pro AQM-AL10HiSilicon Honor Kirin 810
HuaweiHonor Play 5TAndroid 8.x-11.xHonor Play 5T NZA-AL00MediaTek MT6765V/CB
HuaweiHonor Play 5T ProAndroid 8.x-11.xHonor Play 5T Pro CHL-AL00MediaTek MT6769V/CU
HuaweiHonor Play 7Android 8.x-11.xHonor Play 7 DUA-AL00 / DUA-TL00MediaTek MT6739
HuaweiHonor Play 8Android 8.x-11.xHonor Play 8 KSA-AL00 / KSA-TL00MediaTek MT6761
HuaweiHonor Play 8AAndroid 8.x-11.xHonor Play 8A JAT-AL00 / JAT-TL00MediaTek MT6765
HuaweiHonor Play 9AAndroid 8.x-11.xHonor Play 9A MOA-AL00MediaTek MT6765
HuaweiHonor V20Android 8.x-10.xHonor V20 PCT-AL10 / PCT-TL10HiSilicon Honor Kirin 980
HuaweiHonor V30Android 8.x-10.xHonor V30 OXF-AN00HiSilicon Honor Kirin 990
HuaweiHonor V30 ProAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor V30 Pro OXF-AL10 / OXF-AL10IHiSilicon Honor Kirin 990
HuaweiHonor V30 Pro 5GAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor V30 Pro 5G OXF-AN10HiSilicon Honor Kirin 990 5G
HuaweiHonor V9Android 8.x-10.xHonor V9 DUK-AL20 / DUK-TL30HiSilicon Honor Kirin 960
HuaweiHonor View 20Android 8.x-10.xHonor View 20 PCT-LX9 / PCT-L29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 980
HuaweiHonor View 30 Pro 5GAndroid 8.x-10.xHonor View 30 Pro 5G OXF-N29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 990 5G
HuaweiHonor X10Android 8.x-10.xHonor X10 TEL-AN00aHiSilicon Honor Kirin 820
HuaweiHonor X10Android 8.x-10.xHonor X10 TEL-AN00HiSilicon Honor Kirin 820
HuaweiMaimang 7Android 8.x-10.xMaimang 7 SNE-AL00HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiMaimang 8Android 8.x-10.xMaimang 8 POT-AL10HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiMate 10Android 8.x-10.xMate 10 ALP-AL00 / ALP-TL00 / ALP-L09 / ALP-L29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 970
HuaweiMate 10 LiteAndroid 8.x-10.xMate 10 Lite RNE-L01 / RNE-L03 / RNE-L21 / RNE-L22J / RNE-L23 / RNE-LX1 / RNE-LX3HiSilicon Honor Kirin 659
HuaweiMate 10 Porsche DesignAndroid 8.x-10.xMate 10 Porsche Design BLA-L29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 970
HuaweiMate 10 ProAndroid 8.x-10.xMate 10 Pro BLA-AL00 / BLA-TL00 / BLA-L09 / BLA-L29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 970
HuaweiMate 20Android 8.x-10.xMate 20 HMA-AL00 / HMA-TL00 / HMA-LX9 / HMA-L29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 980
HuaweiMate 20 LiteAndroid 8.x-10.xMate 20 Lite SNE-L01 / SNE-L03 / SNE-L21 / SNE-L22 / SNE-L23 / SNE-LX1 / SNE-LX2 / SNE-LX3HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiMate 20 ProAndroid 8.x-10.xMate 20 Pro LYA-AL00 / LYA-TL00 / LYA-AL10 / LYA-L09 / LYA-LX9 / LYA-L29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 980
HuaweiMate 20 RS Porsche DesignAndroid 8.x-10.xMate 20 RS Porsche Design LYA-AL00PHiSilicon Honor Kirin 980
HuaweiMate 20 XAndroid 8.x-10.xMate 20 X EVR-AL00 / EVR-L29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 980
HuaweiMate 20 X 5GAndroid 8.x-10.xMate 20 X 5G EVR-AN00 / EVR-N29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 980
HuaweiMate 30Android 8.x-10.xMate 30 TAS-AL00 / TAS-TL00 / TAS-L09 / TAS-LX9 / TAS-L29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 990
HuaweiMate 30 5GAndroid 8.x-10.xMate 30 5G TAS-AN00 / TAS-TN00 / TAS-N09 / TAS-N29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 990 5G
HuaweiMate 30 ProAndroid 8.x-10.xMate 30 Pro LIO-AL00 / LIO-TL00 / LIO-L09 / LIO-LX9 / LIO-L29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 990
HuaweiMate 30 Pro 5GAndroid 8.x-10.xMate 30 Pro 5G LIO-AN00 / LIO-TN00 / LIO-N09 / LIO-N29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 990 5G
HuaweiMate 30 RS 5G Porsche DesignAndroid 8.x-10.xMate 30 RS 5G Porsche Design LIO-AN00PHiSilicon Honor Kirin 990 5G
HuaweiMate 9Android 8.x-10.xMate 9 MHA-AL00 / MHA-TL00 / MHA-L09 / MHA-L29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 960 Hi3660
HuaweiMate 9 Porsche DesignAndroid 8.x-10.xMate 9 Porsche Design LON-L29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 960
HuaweiMate 9 ProAndroid 8.x-10.xMate 9 Pro LON-AL00 / LON-AL10HiSilicon Honor Kirin 960
HuaweiMate SEAndroid 8.x-10.xMate SE BND-L34HiSilicon Honor Kirin 659
HuaweiMate XAndroid 8.x-10.xMate X TAH-AN00 / TAH-TN00 / TAH-N29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 980
HuaweiNova 2iAndroid 8.x-10.xNova 2i RNE-L02 / RNE-L22 / RNE-LX2HiSilicon Honor Kirin 659
HuaweiNova 3Android 8.x-10.xNova 3 PAR-AL00 / PAR-TL20 / PAR-L11 / PAR-L21 / PAR-L21M / PAR-L29 / PAR-LX1 / PAR-LX1M / PAR-LX9HiSilicon Honor Kirin 970
HuaweiNova 3eAndroid 8.x-10.xNova 3e ANE-AL00 / ANE-TL00 / ANE-LX2 / ANE-L21 / ANE-L22 / ANE-LX2JHiSilicon Honor Kirin 659 Hi6250
HuaweiNova 3iAndroid 8.x-10.xNova 3i INE-AL00 / INE-TL00 / INE-LX1 / INE-LX2HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiNova 4Android 8.x-10.xNova 4 VCE-AL00 / VCE-TL00 / VCE-LX2 / VCE-L22HiSilicon Honor Kirin 970
HuaweiNova 4eAndroid 8.x-10.xNova 4e MAR-AL00 / MAR-TL00 / MAR-LX2HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiNova 5Android 8.x-10.xNova 5 SEA-AL00 / SEA-TL00HiSilicon Honor Kirin 810
HuaweiNova 5 ProAndroid 8.x-10.xNova 5 Pro SEA-AL10 / SEA-TL10HiSilicon Honor Kirin 980
HuaweiNova 5iAndroid 8.x-10.xNova 5i GLK-AL00 / GLK-TL00HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiNova 5i ProAndroid 8.x-10.xNova 5i Pro SPN-AL00 / SPN-TL00HiSilicon Honor Kirin 810
HuaweiNova 5TAndroid 8.x-10.xNova 5T YAL-L21 / YAL-LX1 / YAL-L61A / YAL-L61D / YAL-L71AHiSilicon Honor Kirin 980
HuaweiNova 5zAndroid 8.x-10.xNova 5z SPN-AL00 / SPN-TL00HiSilicon Honor Kirin 810
HuaweiNova 6Android 8.x-10.xNova 6 WLZ-AL10 / WLZ-TL10HiSilicon Honor Kirin 990
HuaweiNova 6 5GAndroid 8.x-10.xNova 6 5G WLZ-AN00HiSilicon Honor Kirin 990 5G
HuaweiNova 6 SEAndroid 8.x-10.xNova 6 SE JNY-AL10 / JNY-TL10HiSilicon Honor Kirin 810
HuaweiNova 7 5GAndroid 8.x-10.xNova 7 5G JEF-AN00 / JEF-AN20 / JEF-TN00 / JEF-TN20HiSilicon Honor Kirin 985 5G
HuaweiNova 7 5GAndroid 8.x-10.xNova 7 5G JEF-NX9 / JEF-N29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 985 5G
HuaweiNova 7 Pro 5GAndroid 8.x-10.xNova 7 Pro 5G JER-AN10 / JER-AN20 / JER-TN10 / JER-TN20HiSilicon Honor Kirin 985 5G
HuaweiNova 7 SE 5GAndroid 8.x-10.xNova 7 SE 5G CDY-AN00 / CDY-AN20 / CDY-NX9B / CDY-N29BHiSilicon Honor Kirin 820
HuaweiNova 7iAndroid 8.x-10.xNova 7i JNY-L21B / JNY-LX2 / JNY-L22BHiSilicon Honor Kirin 810
HuaweiNova 8 5GAndroid 8.x-10.xNova 8 5G ANG-AN00HiSilicon Honor Kirin 985 5G
HuaweiNova 8 Pro 5GAndroid 8.x-10.xNova 8 Pro 5G BRQ-AN00HiSilicon Honor Kirin 985 5G
HuaweiNova 8 SEAndroid 8.x-10.xNova 8 SE CHL-AL60HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710A
HuaweiNova Lite 3Android 8.x-10.xNova Lite 3 POT-LX2J / POT-L62J / POT-L72JHiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiNova Y60Android 8.x-11.xNova Y60 WKG-LX9A / WKG-L29A / WKG-L09AMediaTek MT6765
HuaweiP 30Android 8.x-10.xP 30 ELE-AL00 / ELE-TL00 / ELE-AL10 / ELE-L29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 980
HuaweiP Smart 2019Android 8.x-10.xP Smart 2019 POT-LX1 / POT-L21 / POT-LX1AF / POT-LX1RUA / POT-LX3 / POT-L23HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiP Smart 2020Android 8.x-10.xP Smart 2020 POT-LX1A / POT-L21AHiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiP Smart 2021Android 8.x-10.xP Smart 2021 PPA-LX2 / PPA-L22HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710A
HuaweiP Smart PlusAndroid 8.x-10.xP Smart Plus INE-L21HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiP Smart Pro 2019Android 8.x-10.xP Smart Pro 2019 STK-L21HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiP Smart SAndroid 8.x-10.xP Smart S AQM-LX1HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiP Smart ZAndroid 8.x-10.xP Smart Z STK-LX1HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiP Smart+Android 8.x-10.xP Smart+ INE-LX1HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiP Smart+ 2019Android 8.x-10.xP Smart+ 2019 POT-AL00HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiP10Android 8.x-10.xP10 VTR-AL00 / VTR-L09 / VTR-L29 / VTR-L29BHiSilicon Honor Kirin 960 Hi3660
HuaweiP10 PlusAndroid 8.x-10.xP10 Plus VKY-AL00 / VKY-L09 / VKY-L29 / VKY-L29AHiSilicon Honor Kirin 960 Hi3660
HuaweiP20Android 8.x-10.xP20 EML-AL00 / EML-TL00 / EML-L09 / EML-L09C / EML-L29 / EML-L29CHiSilicon Honor Kirin 970
HuaweiP20 LiteAndroid 8.x-10.xP20 Lite ANE-L01 / ANE-L23 / ANE-LX1 / ANE-LX3HiSilicon Honor Kirin 659 Hi6250
HuaweiP20 ProAndroid 8.x-10.xP20 Pro CLT-AL00 / CLT-AL01 / CLT-TL01 / CLT-L0J / CLT-L01J / CLT-L04 / CLT-L04C / CLT-L09 / CLT-L09C / CLT-L29 / CLT-L29CHiSilicon Honor Kirin 970
HuaweiP30Android 8.x-10.xP30 GLK-LX1UHiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiP30 LiteAndroid 8.x-10.xP30 Lite MAR-L01 / MAR-L01A / MAR-L01M / MAR-LX1 / MAR-LX1A / MAR-LX1M / MAR-L21 / MAR-LX21A / MAR-LX2J / MAR-L21M / MAR-L22 / MAR-L23 / MAR-L23A / MAR-LX3 / MAR-LX3AHiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiP30 Lite New EditionAndroid 8.x-10.xP30 Lite New Edition MAR-L21BXHiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiP30 ProAndroid 8.x-10.xP30 Pro VOG-AL00 / VOG-TL00 / VOG-AL10 / VOG-L0J / VOG-L01J / VOG-L04 / VOG-L09 / VOG-L29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 980
HuaweiP40 4GAndroid 8.x-10.xP40 4G ANA-AL00 / ANA-LX4 / ANA-L04HiSilicon Honor Kirin 990
HuaweiP40 LiteAndroid 8.x-10.xP40 Lite JNY-L02A / JNY-L22AHiSilicon Honor Kirin 810
HuaweiP40 Lite 4GAndroid 8.x-10.xP40 Lite 4G JNY-L01A /JNY-LX1 / JNY-L21AHiSilicon Honor Kirin 810
HuaweiP40 Lite 5GAndroid 8.x-10.xP40 Lite 5G CDY-NX9A / CDY-N29AHiSilicon Honor Kirin 820
HuaweiP40 Lite EAndroid 8.x-10.xP40 Lite E ART-L29HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiY5 2018Android 8.x-11.xY5 2018 DRA-LX1 / DRA-L21 / DRA-LX3 / DRA-L23 / DRA-L01 / DRA-L03MediaTek MT6739
HuaweiY5 2019Android 8.x-11.xY5 2019 AMN-LX9 / AMN-L29 / AMN-LX1 / AMN-L21MediaTek MT6761
HuaweiY5 Prime 2018Android 8.x-11.xY5 Prime 2018 DRA-LX2 / DRA-L22 / DRA-L02MediaTek MT6739
HuaweiY5p 2020Android 8.x-11.xY5p 2020 DRA-LX9 / DRA-L29 / DUA-L29AMediaTek MT6762
HuaweiY6 2019Android 8.x-11.xY6 2019 MRD-LX3 / MRD-L23 / MRD-LX1 / MRD-L21 / MRD-L21A / MRD-LX3MediaTek MT6761
HuaweiY6 Prime 2019Android 8.x-11.xY6 Prime 2019 MRD-LX1FMediaTek MT6761
HuaweiY6 Pro 2019Android 8.x-11.xY6 Pro 2019 MRD-LX2 / MRD-L22MediaTek MT6761
HuaweiY6p 2020Android 8.x-11.xY6p 2020 MED-LX9N / MED-L29N / MED-LX9 / MED-L29MediaTek MT6762
HuaweiY6s 2019Android 8.x-11.xY6s 2019 JAT-L41 / JAT-L21 / JAT-LX3 / JAT-L23 / JAT-L29MediaTek MT6765
HuaweiY7aAndroid 8.x-10.xY7a Peppa-L23BHiSilicon Honor Kirin 710A
HuaweiY7p 2020Android 8.x-10.xY7p 2020 ART-L28HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiY8p 2020Android 8.x-10.xY8p 2020 AQM-L01A / AQM-LX1 / AQM-L21AHiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiY8s 2020Android 8.x-10.xY8s 2020 JKM-LX2 / JKM-LX1 / JKM-LX3HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiY9 Prime 2019Android 8.x-10.xY9 Prime 2019 STK-LX3 / STK-L03BHiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
HuaweiY9aAndroid 8.x-11.xY9a FRL-L22 / FRL-LX2 / FRL-L23 / FRL-LX3MediaTek MT6769V/CU
HuaweiY9s 2019Android 8.x-10.xY9s 2019 STK-L21HiSilicon Honor Kirin 710
LenovoK10 NoteAndroid 8.x-11.xQualcomm Snapdragon SDM710
LenovoZ5 ProAndroid 8.x-11.xL78031Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM710
LenovoZ5sAndroid 8.x-11.xL78071Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM710
LenovoC2 / Vibe C2Android 5.x-10.xC2 Dual SIM LTE K10a40 / Vibe C2MediaTek MT6735
LenovoC2 Power / Vibe C2 PowerAndroid 5.x-10.xC2 Power Dual SIM TD-LTE / Vibe C2 PowerMediaTek MT6735
LenovoVibe BAndroid 5.x-10.xVibe B Dual SIM TD-LTE A2016a40MediaTek MT6735
LenovoVibe BAndroid 5.x-10.xVibe B Dual SIM TD-LTE A2016b30 / A2016b31MediaTek MT6735
LenovoVibe P1mAndroid 5.x-10.xVibe P1m P1ma40 Dual SIM TD-LTEMediaTek MT6735
LenovoVibe P1mAndroid 5.x-10.xVibe P1m P1mc50 Dual SIM TD-LTEMediaTek MT6735
LenovoA2010-aAndroid 5.x-10.xA2010-a Dual SIM TD-LTEMediaTek MT6735
LenovoA2580Android 5.x-10.xA2580 Dual SIM TD-LTEMediaTek MT6735
LenovoA3580Android 5.x-10.xA3580 Dual SIM TD-LTEMediaTek MT6735
LenovoA5500Android 5.x-10.xA5500 Dual SIM TD-LTEMediaTek MT6735
LenovoA5600Android 5.x-10.xA5600 Dual SIM TD-LTEMediaTek MT6735
LenovoA6600Android 5.x-10.xA6600 2016 Dual SIM LTEMediaTek MT6735
LenovoA6600 PlusAndroid 5.x-10.xA6600 Plus Dual SIM TD-LTEMediaTek MT6735
LenovoA7700Android 5.x-10.xA7700 Dual SIM TD-LTEMediaTek MT6735
LenovoK5Android 5.x-10.xK5 Dual SIM TD-LTE CN K350tMediaTek MT6750
LenovoLemon X3 Lite / Vibe X3 LiteAndroid 5.x-10.xLemon X3 Lite Dual SIM TD-LTE K51c78 / Vibe X3 LiteMediaTek MT6753
LenovoVibe K4 NoteAndroid 5.x-10.xVibe K4 Note Dual SIM TD-LTE A7010a48MediaTek MT6753
LenovoVibe K4 Note Wooden EditionAndroid 5.x-10.xVibe K4 Note Wooden Edition Dual SIM TD-LTE A7010a48MediaTek MT6753
LenovoVibe S1 LiteAndroid 5.x-10.xVibe S1 Lite Dual SIM TD-LTEMediaTek MT6753
LenovoVibe X3 LiteAndroid 5.x-10.xVibe X3 Lite Dual SIM TD-LTE A7010MediaTek MT6753
LenovoLemon K5 NoteAndroid 5.x-10.xLemon K5 Note Dual SIM TD-LTE K52t38MediaTek MT6755
LGG7Android 8.x-11.xG710N, LMG710 AWMH / EM / EMW / PM / TM / ULM / VM / VMXQualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
LGG7+ / G7 PlusAndroid 8.x-11.xG710N, LMG710EAWQualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
LGStyle3Android 8.x-11.xL-41AQualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
LGV35Android 8.x-11.xLMV350 AWA / AWM / AWMH / AWS / EAW / EM / NO / NOS / ULA / ULM / ULS, V350 AWM / N / ULMQualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
LGV40Android 8.x-11.xLMV405 EB / EBW, V405 QA7 / TA / TAB / UA / UA0 / 5UAB, V409NQualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
LGVelvetAndroid 8.x-11.xG910 EMW / HM / HMW, LMG910 EMW / HM / HMWQualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
LGK8Android 5.x-7.xK8 4G LTE US375MediaTek MT6735
LGK8Android 5.x-7.xK8 Dual SIM 4G LTE K350E/ K350dsMediaTek MT6735
LGK4Android 5.x-7.xX Max Dual SIM LTE K240MediaTek MT6735M
LGK4Android 5.x-7.xX Max 4G LTE K240HMediaTek MT6735M
LGX MaxAndroid 5.x-7.xX Power 4G LTE K220ARMediaTek MT6735
LGX MaxAndroid 5.x-7.xX Power Dual SIM LTE K220dsFMediaTek MT6735
LGX PowerAndroid 5.x-7.xK4 4G LTE K120FMediaTek MT6735
LGX PowerAndroid 5.x-7.xK4 Dual SIM LTE K130EMediaTek MT6735
LGK11 Alpha 2018Android 5.x-7.xK11 Alpha 2018 Dual SIM LTE-A LATAM LMX410FTWMediaTek MT6750
LGK11 Alpha 2018Android 5.x-7.xK11 Alpha 2018 LTE-A LATAM LMX410FTMediaTek MT6750
LGK11 2018 Dual / K10 2018Android 5.x-7.xK11 2018 Dual SIM LTE-A /K10 2018 LMX410EOWMediaTek MT6750
LGK11 Prime 2018Android 5.x-7.xK11 Prime 2018 LTE LATAM LMX410FOMediaTek MT6750
LGK11 2018Android 5.x-7.xK11 2018 LTE-A LMX410EOMediaTek MT6750
LGX Power 2Android 5.x-7.xX Power 2 LTE-A M320GMediaTek MT6750
LGX Power 2Android 5.x-7.xX Power 2 Dual SIM LTE-A M320MediaTek MT6750
LGK10 Power / X Power 2Android 5.x-7.xK10 Power Dual SIM LTE-A /X Power 2 M320TVMediaTek MT6750
LGK10 PowerAndroid 5.x-7.xK10 Power Dual SIM TD-LTE M320DSNMediaTek MT6750
LGK10 PowerAndroid 5.x-7.xK10 Power TD-LTE ID M320KMediaTek MT6750
LGK11+ 2018Android 5.x-7.xK11+ 2018 Dual SIM LMX410FCWMediaTek MT6750
LGK11+ 2018Android 5.x-7.xK11+ 2018 LTE LMX410BCWMediaTek MT6750
LGK10 Pro / Stylus 3Android 5.x-7.xK10 Pro Dual SIM LTE-A / Stylus 3 M400DFMediaTek MT6750
LGStylus 3Android 5.x-7.xStylus 3 Dual SIM TD-LTE M400NMediaTek MT6750
LGStylus 3Android 5.x-7.xStylus 3 LTE M400MTMediaTek MT6750
LGK10 2017Android 5.x-7.xK10 2017 Dual SIM LTE M250MediaTek MT6750
LGK10 Novo 2017Android 5.x-7.xK10 Novo 2017 Dual SIM LTE-A M250dsMediaTek MT6750
LGK10 2017Android 5.x-7.xK10 2017 LTE M250ARMediaTek MT6750
LGX CamAndroid 5.x-7.xX Cam 4G LTE F690SMediaTek MT6753
LGX CamAndroid 5.x-7.xX Cam Dual SIM K580ZMediaTek MT6753
LGX PowerAndroid 5.x-7.xX Power LS755MediaTek MT6755M
LGK50Android 7.x-12.x802LGMediaTek MT6762
LGK31 RebelAndroid 7.x-12.xL355DLMediaTek MT6762
LGPremier Pro PlusAndroid 7.x-12.xL455DLMediaTek MT6762
LGReflectAndroid 7.x-12.xL555DLMediaTek MT6762
LGPhoenix 5Android 7.x-12.xK300AMAMediaTek MT6762
LGFortune 3Android 7.x-12.xK300AM4MediaTek MT6762
LGRisio 4Android 7.x-12.xK300CMRMediaTek MT6762
LGK31Android 7.x-12.xK300QM / K300QM6MediaTek MT6762
LGAristo 5Android 7.x-12.xK300TMS / K300MMMediaTek MT6762
LGTribute MonarchAndroid 7.x-12.xK300TM3MediaTek MT6762
LGK8XAndroid 7.x-12.xK300UMMediaTek MT6762
LGK31Android 7.x-12.xK300WMMediaTek MT6762
LGW11Android 7.x-12.xK310IMMediaTek MT6762
LGW31Android 7.x-12.xK315IMMediaTek MT6762
LGW31+Android 7.x-12.xK315IMMediaTek MT6762
LGXpression Plus 3Android 7.x-12.xK400AKRMediaTek MT6762
LGHarmony 4Android 7.x-12.xK400AMMediaTek MT6762
LGK41SAndroid 7.x-12.xK410EMW / K410FMW / K410HM / K410WMMediaTek MT6762
LGK52Android 7.x-12.xK420BMWMediaTek MT6762
LGK42Android 7.x-12.xK420EMW / K420HM / K420HMW / K420YM / K420YMWMediaTek MT6762
LGK51Android 7.x-12.xK500MM / K500QM5 / K500QM6 / K500QM7 / K500QN / K500UM3 / K500UMT / K500UMT3MediaTek MT6762
LGK51SAndroid 7.x-12.xK510BMW / K510EMW / K510HM / K510ZMWMediaTek MT6765
LGK52Android 7.x-12.xK520EMWMediaTek MT6765
LGK62Android 7.x-12.xK520BMW / K525HMMediaTek MT6765
LGK62+Android 7.x-12.xK525BMW / K62 PlusMediaTek MT6765
LGW41Android 7.x-12.xK610IMMediaTek MT6765
LGW41 ProAndroid 7.x-12.xMediaTek MT6765
LGW41+ / W41 PlusAndroid 7.x-12.xK610IMMediaTek MT6765
LGQ31Android 7.x-12.xQ310NMediaTek MT6762
LGQ52Android 7.x-12.xQ520NMediaTek MT6765
LGK61Android 7.x-12.xQ630BAW / Q630EAW / Q630HA / Q630UMMediaTek MT6765
LGQ61Android 7.x-12.xQ630NMediaTek MT6765
LGK71 128GBAndroid 7.x-12.xQ730BAW / Q730HAMediaTek MT6765
LGStylo 6Android 7.x-12.xQ730AM4 / Q730MM / Q730QM0 / Q730QM5 / Q730QM6 / Q730QM7 / Q730QN / Q730TM3 / Q730TMW / Q730VMWMediaTek MT6765
LGK20Android 7.x-12.xX120BMW / X120EMW / X120HM / X120HN / X120WMMediaTek MT6739
LGW10Android 7.x-12.xX130IMMediaTek MT6762
LGTribute RoyalAndroid 7.x-12.xX320PMMediaTek MT6762
LGXpression Plus 2Android 7.x-12.xX420AS8MediaTek MT6762
LGK40Android 7.x-12.xX420BMW / X420HM / X420PR / X420ASMediaTek MT6762
LGX4Android 7.x-12.xX420NMediaTek MT6762
LGK40S 2019Android 7.x-12.xX430HMMediaTek MT6762
LGW30Android 7.x-12.xMediaTek MT6762
LGW30+ / W30 PlusAndroid 7.x-12.xMediaTek MT6762
LGK50 2019 / K12 MaxAndroid 7.x-12.xX520HMMediaTek MT6762
LGQ60 2019Android 7.x-12.xX525HA / X525PR / X525WA / X525ZAMediaTek MT6762
LGK50S 2019Android 7.x-12.xX540HMMediaTek MT6762
LGX6 2019Android 7.x-12.xX625NMediaTek MT6762
MeizuM2 M578Android 5.x-10.xM2 M578 Global Dual SIM TD-LTEMediaTek MT6755
MeizuM3sAndroid 5.x-10.xM3s Dual SIM TD-LTEMediaTek MT6735
MeizuM6Android 5.x-10.xM6MediaTek MT6750
MeizuM6T GlobalAndroid 5.x-10.xM6T Global M811HMediaTek MT6750
MeizuM6T Premium EditionAndroid 5.x-10.xM6T Premium Edition M811MMediaTek MT6750
MeizuM6T Standard EditionAndroid 5.x-10.xM6T Standard Edition M811Q / M811CMediaTek MT6750
MeizuM5sAndroid 5.x-10.xM5sMediaTek MT6750
MeizuM2 NoteAndroid 5.x-10.xM2 NoteMediaTek MT6753
MeizuM3 MaxAndroid 5.x-10.xM3 MaxMediaTek MT6753
MeizuM3 NoteAndroid 5.x-10.xM3 NoteMediaTek MT6755
MeizuM5s NoteAndroid 5.x-10.xM5s Note Dual SIM TD-LTE 64GB M621C-SMediaTek MT6755
MeizuM8 M813HAndroid 7.x-12.xMediaTek MT6762
MotorolaMoto E7Android 7.x-12.xXT2095-1 / XT2095-2 / XT2095-3MediaTek Helio G25 MT6762G
MotorolaMoto E7 PowerAndroid 7.x-12.xXT2097-5 / XT2097-6 / XT2097-7MediaTek Helio G25 MT6762G
MotorolaMoto G PureAndroid 7.x-12.xXT2163-1 / XT2163-2 / XT2163-4 / XT2163-6 / XT2163DLMediaTek Helio G25 MT6762G
MotorolaG Power 2022Android 7.x-12.xXT2165-1 / XT2165-2 / XT2165-3 / XT2165-5MediaTek Helio G37 MT6765H
MotorolaMoto E22Android 7.x-12.xXT2239-6 / XT2239-7 / XT2239-9 / XT2239-10 / XT2239-16MediaTek Helio G37 MT6765H
MotorolaMoto E22iAndroid 7.x-12.xXT2239-17 / XT2239-18 / XT2239-19 / XT2239-20MediaTek Helio G37 MT6765H
MotorolaMoto E22sAndroid 7.x-12.xXT2229-5MediaTek Helio G37 MT6765H
MotorolaMoto E32Android 7.x-12.xXT2229-6MediaTek Helio G37 MT6765H
MotorolaMoto E32sAndroid 7.x-12.xXT2229-2 / XT2229-3MediaTek Helio G37 MT6765H
MotorolaMoto g22Android 7.x-12.xXT2231-1 / XT2231-2 / XT2231-3MediaTek Helio G37 MT6765H
MotorolaMoto G31Android 7.x-12.xXT2173-1 / XT2173-2 / XT2173-3MediaTek Helio G85 MT6769Z
MotorolaMoto G41Android 7.x-12.xXT2167-1 / XT2167-2MediaTek Helio G85 MT6769Z
MotorolaMoto G Stylus 2022Android 7.x-12.xXT2211-1 / XT2211-2 / XT2211DLMediaTek Helio G88 MT6769H
MotorolaMoto G60sAndroid 7.x-12.xXT2133-1 / XT2133-2MediaTek Helio G95 MT6785V/CD
MotorolaMoto E6 PlusAndroid 7.x-12.xXT2025-1 / XT2025-2MediaTek Helio P22 MT6762
MotorolaMoto E6s 2020Android 7.x-12.xXT2053-1 / XT2053-2 / XT2053-4MediaTek Helio P22 MT6762
MotorolaG8 Power LiteAndroid 7.x-12.xXT2055-1 / XT2055-2 / XT2055-4MediaTek Helio P35 MT6765
MotorolaMoto E6 PlayAndroid 7.x-12.xXT2029-1 / XT2029-2 / XT2029-3MediaTek MT6739
Nokia9 PureViewAndroid 8.x-11.xQualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
Nokia3.1Android 5.x-10.x3.1MediaTek MT6755
Nokia5.1Android 5.x-10.x5.1 2018MediaTek MT6755
Nokia2 V TellaAndroid 7.x-12.xMediaTek Helio A22 MT6761
Nokia2.2Android 7.x-12.xMediaTek Helio A22 MT6761
Nokia2.3Android 7.x-12.xMediaTek Helio A22 MT6761
NokiaC100Android 7.x-12.xN152DLMediaTek Helio A22 MT6761
NokiaC2 Tennen / C2 TavaAndroid 7.x-12.xMediaTek Helio A22 MT6761
NokiaC200Android 7.x-12.xN151DLMediaTek Helio A22 MT6761
NokiaG10Android 7.x-12.xMediaTek Helio G25 MT6762G
Nokia3.1 PlusAndroid 7.x-12.xMediaTek Helio P22 MT6762
NokiaC5 EndiAndroid 7.x-12.xMediaTek Helio P22 MT6762
Nokia1 PlusAndroid 7.x-12.xMediaTek MT6739
NokiaC2Android 7.x-12.xMediaTek MT6739
OnePlus6Android 8.x-11.xA6000, A6003Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
OnePlus6TAndroid 8.x-11.xA6010, A6013Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
OppoA11kAndroid 7.x-12.xCPH2083 / CPH2071MediaTek MT6765
OppoA12Android 7.x-12.xCPH2083MediaTek MT6765
OppoA15Android 7.x-12.xCPH2185MediaTek MT6765
OppoA15sAndroid 7.x-12.xCPH2179MediaTek MT6765
OppoA16Android 7.x-12.xCPH2269 / CPH2275MediaTek MT6765
OppoA16eAndroid 7.x-12.xCPH2421MediaTek MT6762
OppoA16kAndroid 7.x-12.xCPH2349MediaTek MT6765
OppoA16sAndroid 7.x-12.xCPH2271MediaTek MT6765
OppoA1kAndroid 7.x-12.xCPH1923MediaTek MT6762
OppoA31Android 7.x-12.xCPH2015 / CPH2081 / CPH2031 / CPH2073 / CPH2029MediaTek MT6765
OppoA35Android 7.x-12.xPEHM00MediaTek MT6765
OppoA54sAndroid 7.x-12.xCPH2273MediaTek MT6765
OppoA55Android 7.x-12.xCPH2325MediaTek MT6765
OppoA57Android 7.x-12.xCPH2387MediaTek MT6765
OppoA57sAndroid 7.x-12.xCPH2385MediaTek MT6765
OppoA5sAndroid 7.x-12.xCPH1909MediaTek MT6765
OppoA77 4GAndroid 7.x-12.xCPH2385MediaTek MT6765
OppoA7nAndroid 7.x-12.xPCDM00 / PCDT00MediaTek MT6765
OppoA8Android 7.x-12.xPDBM00MediaTek MT6765
OppoAX5sAndroid 7.x-12.xCPH1920MediaTek MT6765
OppoRealme 6Android 7.x-12.xRMX2001MediaTek MT6785
OppoRealme 6iAndroid 7.x-12.xRMX2040MediaTek MT6769
OppoRealme 6sAndroid 7.x-12.xRMX2002MediaTek MT6785
OppoRealme 7Android 7.x-12.xRMX2151 / RMX2155MediaTek MT6785
OppoRealme C11Android 7.x-12.xRMX2185MediaTek MT6765
OppoRealme C12Android 7.x-12.xRMX2189MediaTek MT6765
OppoRealme C15Android 7.x-12.xRMX2186MediaTek MT6765
OppoRealme C2Android 7.x-12.xRMX1941 / RMX1945MediaTek MT6762
OppoRealme C20 / C20AAndroid 7.x-12.xRMX3061 / RMX3063MediaTek MT6765
OppoRealme C21Android 7.x-12.xRMX3201 / RMX3203MediaTek MT6765
OppoRealme C25Android 7.x-12.xRMX31391 / RMX3193MediaTek MT6769
OppoRealme C25sAndroid 7.x-12.xRMX3195 / RMX3197MediaTek MT6769
OppoRealme C2sAndroid 7.x-12.xMediaTek MT6762
OppoRealme C3Android 7.x-12.xRMX2020MediaTek MT6769
OppoRealme C3iAndroid 7.x-12.xRMX2027MediaTek MT6769
OppoRealme Narzo 10Android 7.x-12.xRMX2040MediaTek MT6769
OppoRealme Narzo 10AAndroid 7.x-12.xRMX2020MediaTek MT6769
OppoRealme Narzo 20Android 7.x-12.xRMX2193MediaTek MT6769
OppoRealme Narzo 20 ProAndroid 7.x-12.xRMX2161MediaTek MT6785
OppoRealme Narzo 50AAndroid 7.x-12.xLRMX3430MediaTek MT6769
OppoRealme NarzoAndroid 7.x-12.xRMX2002MediaTek MT6785
OppoRealme Pad 10.4Android 7.x-12.xRMP2102MediaTek MT6769
SamsungGalaxy Note 9Android 8.x-11.xSC01L, SCV40, SGH-N058, SM N9600 / N960D / N960J / N960U / N960U1 / N960WQualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
SamsungGalaxy S9Android 8.x-11.xSC-02K, SCV38, SGH-N327, SM G9600/DS / G9608/DS / G960D / G960J / G960U / G960U1 / G960WQualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
SamsungGalaxy S9 PlusAndroid 8.x-11.xSC-03K, SCV39, SGH-N943, SM G9650/DS / G965D / G965J / G965U / G965U1 / G965WQualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
SamsungWorld Flagship 2019Android 8.x-11.xSM-W2019Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
SamsungGalaxy S7Android 7.x-9.xS7 (SM-G930F /SM-G930K/ SM-G930L/ SM-G930S/ SM-G930W8/ SM-G930FD)Exynos 8 Octa 8890
SamsungGalaxy S7 EdgeAndroid 7.x-9.xS7 Edge (SM-G935F / SM-G935K / SM-G935L / SM-G935S / SM-G935FD)Exynos 8 Octa 8890
SamsungGalaxy S8Android 7.x-9.xS8 (SM-G950F / SM-G950N / SM-G950FD)Exynos 9 Octa 8895M
SamsungGalaxy S8 PlusAndroid 7.x-9.xS8 Plus (SM-G955F / SM-G955N / SM-G955FD)Exynos 9 Octa 8895M
SamsungGalaxy Note 8Android 7.x-9.xNote 8 (SM-N950F / SM-N950N / SM-N950NKPC / SM-N950FD)Exynos 9 Octa 8895M
SonyXperia XZ2Android 8.x-11.x702SO, H8216, H8296, PF22, SO-03K, SOV37Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
SonyXperia XZ2 CompactAndroid 8.x-11.xH8314, H8324, PF32, SO-05KQualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
SonyXperia XZ2 PremiumAndroid 8.x-11.xH8116, H8166, PF12, SOV38Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
SonyXperia XZ3Android 8.x-11.x801SO, H8416, H9436, H9493, PF42, SO-01L, SOV39Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
VivoiQOO U3xAndroid 7.x-12.xV2143AMediaTek MT6769
VivoY01Android 7.x-12.xMediaTek MT6765
VivoY10Android 7.x-12.xV2140AMediaTek MT6765
VivoY12Android 7.x-12.x1904MediaTek MT6762
VivoY12sAndroid 7.x-12.xV2026 / V2042MediaTek MT6765
VivoY15 2019Android 7.x-12.x1901MediaTek MT6762
VivoY15AAndroid 7.x-12.xV2134MediaTek MT6765
VivoY17Android 7.x-12.x1902MediaTek MT6765
VivoY1sAndroid 7.x-12.xMediaTek MT6765
VivoY20 2021Android 7.x-12.xMediaTek MT6765
VivoY20GAndroid 7.x-12.xV2065 / V2037MediaTek MT6765
VivoY21 2021Android 7.x-12.xV2111MediaTek MT6765
VivoY21AAndroid 7.x-12.xV2149MediaTek MT6762
VivoY21GAndroid 7.x-12.xV2152MediaTek MT6769
VivoY21sAndroid 7.x-12.xV2110MediaTek MT6769
VivoY3Android 7.x-12.xV1901A / V1901TMediaTek MT6765
VivoY30Android 7.x-12.xV2036A / 1938MediaTek MT6765
VivoY30iAndroid 7.x-12.xMediaTek MT6765
VivoY33sAndroid 7.x-12.xV2109MediaTek MT6769
VivoY3sAndroid 7.x-12.xV1901A / V1901TMediaTek MT6765
VivoY53sAndroid 7.x-12.xV2058MediaTek MT6769
VivoY81 / Y81s / Y81iAndroid 7.x-12.x1808 / V1732A / V1732TMediaTek MT6762
VivoY83Android 7.x-12.x1802MediaTek MT6762
VivoY83 ProAndroid 7.x-12.x1803MediaTek MT6762
VivoY83AAndroid 7.x-12.xMediaTek MT6762
VivoY85Android 7.x-12.x1726MediaTek MT6762
VivoY90Android 7.x-12.x1908MediaTek MT6761
VivoY91 / Y91iAndroid 7.x-12.xV1818CA / V1818CT / 1814MediaTek MT6762
VivoY91cAndroid 7.x-12.x1820 / 2020MediaTek MT6762
VivoY91iAndroid 7.x-12.x1816MediaTek MT6762
VivoY93Android 7.x-12.x1815MediaTek MT6762
VivoY93sAndroid 7.x-12.xV1818CA / V1818CTMediaTek MT6762
VivoY93stAndroid 7.x-12.xV1818CA / V1818CTMediaTek MT6762
VivoY19Android 7.x-12.x1915MediaTek MT6768
VivoS1 / V17Android 7.x-12.x1907MediaTek MT6768
VivoY5sAndroid 7.x-12.xV1934A / V1934TMediaTek MT6768
VivoY7sAndroid 7.x-12.xV1913A / V1913TMediaTek MT6768
XiaomiBlack SharkAndroid 8.x-11.xSKR-A0, SKR-H0Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
XiaomiBlack Shark HeloAndroid 8.x-11.xAWM-A0Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
XiaomiMi 8Android 8.x-11.xM1803E1A, M1803E1C, M1803E1TQualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
XiaomiMi 8 Pro / ExplorerAndroid 8.x-11.xM1807E8A, M1807E8SQualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
XiaomiMi 8 SEAndroid 8.x-11.xM1805E2AQualcomm Snapdragon SDM710
XiaomiMi 8 UDAndroid 8.x-11.xM1807E8SQualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
XiaomiMi 9 Lite / CC9Android 8.x-11.xM1904F3BC, M1904F3BG, M1904F3BTQualcomm Snapdragon SDM710
XiaomiMi 9 SEAndroid 8.x-11.xM1903F2A, M1903F2GQualcomm Snapdragon SDM712
XiaomiMi CC9 Meitu EditionAndroid 8.x-11.xM1904F3BCQualcomm Snapdragon SDM710
XiaomiMi Mix 2SAndroid 8.x-11.xM1803D5XA, M1803D5XC, M1803D5XE, M1803D5XTQualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
XiaomiMi Mix 3Android 8.x-11.xM1810E5A, M1810E5C, M1810E5E, M1810E5TQualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
XiaomiMi Mix 3 Forbidden City SpecialAndroid 8.x-11.xM1810E5ECQualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
XiaomiPocophone Poco F1 / ArmouredAndroid 8.x-11.xM1805E10AQualcomm Snapdragon SDM845
XiaomiMi PlayAndroid 8.x-11.xMi Play M1901F9E / M1901F9TMediaTek Helio P35 MT6765
XiaomiRedmi Note 8 ProAndroid 8.x-11.xRedmi Note 8 Pro M1906G7E / M1906G7G/ M1906G7T / M1906G7IMediaTek Helio G90T MT6785V/CC
XiaomiRedmi 10X 4GAndroid 8.x-11.xRedmi 10X 4G M2003J15SCMediaTek Helio G85 MT6769Z
XiaomiRedmi Note 9Android 8.x-11.xRedmi Note 9 M2003J15SG / M2003J15SSMediaTek Helio G85 MT6769Z
XiaomiRedmi 9Android 8.x-11.xRedmi 9 M2004J19C / M2004J19G / M2004J19IMediaTek Helio G80 MT6769V/CU
XiaomiPoco M2Android 8.x-11.xPoco M2 M2004J19PIMediaTek Helio G80 MT6769V/CU
XiaomiRedmi 9AAndroid 8.x-11.xRedmi 9A M2006C3LC / M2006C3LG / M2006C3LIMediaTek Helio G25 MT6762G
XiaomiRedmi 9iAndroid 8.x-11.xRedmi 9i M2006C3LIIMediaTek Helio G25 MT6762G
XiaomiRedmi 9ATAndroid 8.x-11.xRedmi 9AT M2006C3LVGMediaTek Helio G25 MT6762G
XiaomiRedmi 9CAndroid 8.x-11.xRedmi 9C M2006C3MG / M2006C3MII / M2006C3MNGMediaTek Helio G35 MT6765V/CB
XiaomiPocophone Poco C3Android 8.x-11.xPocophone Poco C3 M2006C3MIMediaTek Helio G35 MT6765V/CB
XiaomiRedmi 10AAndroid 8.x-11.xRedmi 10A M220233L2CMediaTek Helio G25 MT6762G
XiaomiPocophone Poco C31Android 8.x-11.xPocophone Poco C31 MZB0A0KINMediaTek Helio G35 MT6765V/CB
XiaomiPoco C55Android 7.x-12.x22127PC95IMediaTek MT6769
XiaomiPoco M5sAndroid 7.x-12.x2207117BPGMediaTek MT6785
XiaomiRedmi 10Android 7.x-12.x21061119AL / 21061119AG / 21061119DGMediaTek MT6769
XiaomiRedmi 10 2022Android 7.x-12.x21121119SGMediaTek MT6769
XiaomiRedmi 10 PrimeAndroid 7.x-12.x21061119BIMediaTek MT6769
XiaomiRedmi 10 Prime 2022Android 7.x-12.x22011119TIMediaTek MT6769
XiaomiRedmi 12C / Redmi 11AAndroid 7.x-12.x22120RN86C / 22120RN86G / 22120RN86I / 22126RN91Y / 2212ARNC4LMediaTek MT6769
XiaomiRedmi 6Android 7.x-12.xM1804C3DG / M1804C3DH / M1804C3DT / M1804C3DC / M1804C3DEMediaTek MT6762
XiaomiRedmi 6AAndroid 7.x-12.xM1804C3CG / M1804C3CH / M1804C3CT / M1804C3CCMediaTek MT6761
XiaomiRedmi Note 11 4GAndroid 7.x-12.x21121119SCMediaTek MT6769
XiaomiRedmi Note 11 SEAndroid 7.x-12.xM2101K7BIMediaTek MT6785
XiaomiRedmi Note 8 2021Android 7.x-12.xM1908C3JGGMediaTek MT6769
XiaomiRedmi Note 10SAndroid 7.x-12.xM2003J15SC / M2004J7AC / M2004J7BCMediaTek MT6785

Mobile Forensic Services

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